Urban Latino Star Eladio Carrión Is Making Life-Based Comedy Series

BY John fenster

Eladio Carrión, who won a Latin Grammy, is going to Hollywood. 

A funny TV show based on the life of an Urban Latino star is being made by Carrión, Chris Albrecht, and Jorge Granier's Rubicon Global Media. Carrión will produce and might also act in the project.

The series will be based on Carrión's life and follow the story of an American teenager who moves from the states to Puerto Rico. 

The series will be a joyful mix of humor, heart, and cultural exploration as it tackles the challenges of adapting to a new culture and language.

This project will be a big step in my career and will give me the opportunity to work in Film and Television, which I've always loved.

I'm excited to work with Rubicon Global Media to bring my story from my younger years to life. 

Carrión said that this series will entertain everyone and connect with viewers who know what it's like to belong to multiple places.

Chris Albrecht and Jorge Granier, Co-Founders of Rubicon Global Media, are excited about Eladio's talent and are looking forward to developing this show. 

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