Which Nfl Teams May Miss The Playoffs? Safe To Sketchy Ranking

BY John fenster

Things can change quickly in life, and this is especially true for the NFL playoff picture.

Last week, we talked about teams that are on the edge of making it to the playoffs.

We said that Jake Browning's Cincinnati Bengals probably won't make it, but we think the New Orleans Saints still have a chance to either get a wild card spot or win the NFC South .

Now, let's look at the clubs that are barely holding on - the ones in wild-card positions and the leaders in the South division of each conference. 

We'll evaluate how likely they are to stay in their current positions with only five weeks left in the regular season.

One of them, the Pittsburgh Steelers, will play on Thursday. This comes after their starting quarterback got injured and they lost to the last-place Arizona Cardinals due to bad weather. 

Coach Mike Tomlin said the performance was not good, a terrible day at work, and like junior varsity football.

Now his team needs to beat the New England Patriots, who are considered less skilled, in order to stay on track before facing tougher opponents.

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