While Magnum P.I. answered Miggy's unanswered question, I wish I could forget about the cancellation

BY John fenster

Magnum P.I. Season 5 on NBC explores changes and the Magnum/Higgins romance in 2023. 

Their relationship has reached the stage of considering having children in the future, and "Consciousness of Guilt" answered a question I had about Miggy.

Higgins realizes she and Magnum spend too much time together compared to Rick, Suzy, T.C., and Mahina who are building new lives. 

They work together as private investigators and spend most of their free time together. 

They lived on the same property from the beginning. Magnum and Higgins agreed to spend the day apart, helping Jin and Katsumoto separately. 

Higgins and Magnum grew closer after sharing a new story. I wonder if Magnum and Higgins spending too much time together is a concern. 

This episode debunks the idea that the show needs to split them up more often.

 It makes me optimistic for the future beyond what's available on Peacock Premium and the remaining episodes of the fifth season. 

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