Worst Food Pairings for Weight Loss

Combining deep-fried potatoes with sugary carbonated beverages is a recipe for disaster. It's a double whammy of empty calories and excessive sugar

1. French Fries and Soda

Opt for a side salad or grilled vegetables with water or unsweetened tea instead.

Pizza is delicious, and beer can be refreshing, but together they form a calorie-packed duo that won't do your waistline any favors.

2. Pizza and Beer

Choose a thin-crust veggie pizza and enjoy it with a light beer or a glass of red wine.

Indulging in ice cream and cookies may seem like a heavenly treat, but it's a surefire way to pack on the pounds.

3. Ice Cream and Cookies

Opt for frozen yogurt topped with fresh berries or a small piece of dark chocolate for a satisfying, guilt-free dessert.

The classic combo of burgers and milkshakes is loaded with saturated fats and sugar, making it a perfect storm for weight gain.

4. Burgers and Milkshakes

Choose a lean turkey or veggie burger with a side of a protein smoothie made with almond milk and fruit.

Fluffy pancakes drenched in sugary syrup may taste divine, but they won't help you achieve your weight loss goals.

5. Pancakes and Syrup

Make whole-grain pancakes with a drizzle of honey and a generous portion of fresh fruit.