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Zodiac Signs That Can't Stop Cheating, Ranked From Most To Least Likely

Libras flirt a lot, which makes many people wary of dating them. Maybe they're right to be wary.

1. Libra

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Gemini women are indecisive, so they prefer options. If she wants what you're providing her, she'll keep you around to obtain it.

2. Gemini 

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Capricorn wants to get the most out of her relationships. She wants happiness, support, stability, and possibly status.

3. Capricorn

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Taurus won't cheat because being faithful in her relationship benefits her most.

4. Taurus 

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Cancer is one of the most faithful zodiac signs and the second least likely to cheat.

5. Cancer

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Leo is dramatic and demands attention at all times. If you're not treating her like the queen she is, and especially if she feels ignored, she will try everything.

6. Leo 

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Virgo has never considered leaving her partner. Maybe her hectic schedule prevents her from considering fooling around with someone else.

7. Virgo 

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Pisces cheats the most, which is startling. Her sensitive and emotional nature makes her react to even the slightest mood change.

8. Pisces 

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Aries is definitely committed to her spouse. She's not the best at showing her love and commitment to her boyfriend, thus she may seem nasty and harsh. 

9. Aries

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Sagittarius has high moral standards and would never do anything to harm her reputation.

10. Sagittarius 

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Aquarius may not cheat, but she may flirt with an old flame or lead someone on a night out to acquire free drinks.

11. Aquarius

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Scorpio might be your most loving and loyal companion forever if you do the same for her.

12. Scorpio 

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