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Zodiac signs that don't like travelling

They value order and safety. Leaving their cozy and familiar space makes them sad. 

1. Taurus

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They dislike attempting new things and nervously entering new areas. They relax and enjoy the small things when away.

Cancerians prefer staying home. They like family time and making the house safe and comfortable. 

2. Cancer

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They dislike leaving relatives and friends or moving far away. They prefer quiet getaways to extravagant vacations. 

Virgos are organized and meticulous. Traveling is hard to plan, thus they dislike it. 

3. Virgos

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Before something happens, they like to know. They'd prefer stay home and do what they usually do because they're nervous in new settings.

Work and goals matter to them. They're not interested in vacationing. 

4. Capricorns

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They like their employment and think traveling would interfere. They prefer a well-planned approach to the unexpected.

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