Angel Reese Channeled Deion Sanders in response to LSU absence rumors

In the first few weeks of the current collegiate basketball season, Angel Reese has been making headlines for all of the wrong reasons.

Since LSU’s victory over Kent State on November 14, when the Tigers last competed, the standout forward for LSU has been sidelined.

Since then, she has not been spotted sitting on the bench for the team, and she did not accompany LSU on their trip to the Cayman Islands Classic either.

There is currently no satisfactory explanation available for the question of why Reese is not participating with the team. Kim Mulkey has not provided any additional information regarding Reese’s predicament at this point.

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The only piece of information that she has shared with us is that Reese is still a part of the team. In the meantime, speculation regarding Reese’s whereabouts has quickly spread like wildfire.

Until now, Reese has maintained an uncharacteristically low profile during the entirety of this affair.

She has gone to social media in order to respond to the many rumors that have been circulating about her in a manner that is rather evasive. She began by sending out a tweet in which she cautioned people not to believe what they saw online. That took place on November 19th.

Her most recent attempt to get her point out had her posting it on TikTok and using a snippet from a press conference given by Deion Sanders.

That message is that she is indifferent to the rumors that are circulating.

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The following is an excerpt from the soundbite:

“Take a gander at me. What exactly about me would lead you to believe that I am concerned with what you think of me? The opinion that you have of myself is not the same as the opinion that I have of myself.

You didn’t make me, and since you didn’t make me, you can’t break me. Since you were not responsible for my creation, you cannot destroy me.

That settles it, then. That is all the information that we currently have from Reese. When the time comes, I’m hoping that we’ll be able to obtain some answers to these questions.

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