Why is Angel Reese benched? What we know about LSU star as she misses another game

As the mystery surrounding Angel Reese’s absence continues, fans and sports enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting more information about the basketball star’s situation. With each passing game she misses, her curiosity grows.

The initial benching occurred after LSU faced a tough defeat on November 6, prompting questions about Reese’s performance and the coach’s decision to sideline her for part of the subsequent game on November 14.

The lack of clarity from Coach Kim Mulkey added to the intrigue, leaving fans to wonder if it was a disciplinary measure, a strategic move, or something else entirely.

The situation escalated on November 17 when Angel missed yet another game, and Mulkey remained tight-lipped about the specifics.

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The absence of Reese from the team’s activities leading up to the tournament in the Cayman Islands only fueled speculation. Is it a disciplinary issue, an injury, or a personal matter?

The uncertainty has led to various rumors circulating among fans and the media.

Meanwhile, Angel’s silence on the matter has only deepened the mystery. Her cryptic social media posts, including the message urging people not to believe everything they read, have sparked more questions than answers.

The video she shared, featuring a coach emphasizing the importance of self-confidence and resilience in the face of others’ opinions, adds an intriguing layer to the narrative.

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Adding to the complexity is the speculation about a potential social media rift involving Angel’s mom and other parents. While many comments have been deleted, reports suggest some drama that may be connected to Reese’s current situation.

As LSU heads to the Cayman Islands for the Thanksgiving games, the absence of their star player looms large. Coach Mulkey’s statement, “You will know when she comes back,” leaves fans with a sense of anticipation.

The team faces significant challenges ahead, including a crucial non-conference game against No. 9 Virginia Tech on November 30.

In the midst of the uncertainty, the basketball world awaits the resolution of this puzzling situation. Will Angel Reese return to the court, and if so, when? As the drama unfolds, fans are left on the edge of their seats, eager for answers and hopeful for the star player’s swift return to action.


  1. It’s about time someone check the media…They’re causing this to be something that’s not good for college basketball.. we don’t need to know everything…keep your reporting on basketball…

  2. Kim Mulky has been a superior coach for a long time. She has a lot of fire.
    She was my coach at
    Baylor with Britney. The
    year they lost to A&M was
    Zterrible to watch
    Britney being fouled every time she was on offense. Be Manhandled to the point of being pushed of the block all game. Britney should have fell some of those pushes would have stopped. The refs should have been calling fouls. Although Baylor got good revenge. Them Kim Mulky
    brought a championship to LSU last year. Beating
    Wonder Woman Last year!

    Baylor. She let Texas A&M get away with Britney getting fouled all game long . Manhandled

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