LSU Coach Kim Mulkey Cryptically Addresses Angel Reese’s Second Missed Game

On Monday, LSU Tigers head coach Kim Mulkey didn’t explain why Angel Reese, 21, was absent for a second straight game.

LSU didn’t need Reese for Monday’s 59-point win over Texas Southern, but Mulkey, 61, was asked about her best player in her postgame press conference.

Mulkey’s cryptic response to an inquiry regarding Reese’s absence didn’t reveal where she is or why she’s not playing.

“You always have to deal with locker room issues,” Mulkey said Monday concerning Reese’s dilemma.

It’s part of coaching, she said. “I’ve never been problem-free in 40 years. Coaches do that.”

Mulkey said, “Sometimes you’ll know about them, and sometimes you don’t,” of her team’s “issues”. “Sometimes you want to know more than you’re entitled to know,” she said.

Mulkey told the reporter, “I’ll defend my players. Always.”

The highest-paid women’s basketball coach called her team “like a family,” comparing it to a college team.

Mulkey said, “Let me ask you this.” Do you think we should know if you discipline your kids? A family in the locker room.”

When a reporter asked about Reese’s return, Mulkey replied, “You’re not entitled to that information, okay? Angel lacked uniform tonight. This basketball squad has Angel. Angel will return soon.”

Mulkey concluded her media interview on Reese by saying, “I’ve given you my answer.”

Mulkey told reporters after the game that benching Reese for the second half was a “coach’s decision” after he had 11 points and five rebounds in the first half when LSU was two points ahead of Kent State.

Reese has been silent about the missed games to avoid social media rumors of a breach between her mother, Angel Reese Webb, and teammate Flau’jae Johnson’s mother, Kia Brooks.

Outkick reported that Webb attacked Johnson’s grammar, starting the internet dispute.

According to the site, Brooks responded to Webb on Instagram. “You know about grammar errors when your daughter got a 2.0 or lower GPA,” he said. “Stop being petty, fake, and hateful and take responsibility for your and your daughter’s actions.”

After the comment went viral, Reese appeared on X (previously Twitter) to confront the rumor. “Please don’t believe everything you read,” she posted Sunday.

Mulkey downplayed social media disputes before LSU’s away game against Southeastern Louisiana.

Mulkey answered, “Well, if you’re going to ask me social media stuff, I can cut you off. “I know nothing about it. I don’t know social media, as everybody here understands. I don’t know what others read or see. Buddy, I’ve done this 40 years. Do you think this is my first time dealing with nasty social media content? Coach. Simply coach and prepare your team.”

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Reese and Mulkey helped LSU win the NCAA Championship in April.

After the win, Louisiana governor John Bel Edwards praised Mulkey in the procession. “We all knew she could do it, but what she has done to elevate this program and all of women’s sports is truly remarkable,” he told ESPN.

Edwards told LSU’s players, notably Reese, that Louisiana “always had faith” the squad could win, ESPN said.

He said, “But more importantly, you had faith in yourself and were smart enough not to listen to all the experts who said you didn’t have a chance.”

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  1. This Coach isn’t telling the truth about the entire problems !!!!! If she was below 2.0 she wouldn’t of even played any games !!!!! Get the truth out of the Coach !!!!

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