Angel Reese gets support from fan in letter, drawing amid LSU drama: ‘Please come back’

Angel Reese is supported by at least one individual.

Wednesday, amidst the controversy surrounding the college basketball sensation, the LSU junior posted a fan-sentenced drawing and note on her Instagram Story.

“To Angel,” The note read, “I am your biggest fan; please return to the games.”

An image appeared beneath the words of encouragement and depicted Reese alongside what seemed to be two of her supporters.

“I adore my neighbors,” Reese wrote above the image in a caption.

Reese, age 21, has been the source of contention for the Lady Tigers since last week, when she was benched in one game and then did not dress at all in the following two.

Although LSU coach Kim Mulkey has commented on the situation, he has not provided a definitive answer as to why Reese has been absent from the lineup.

Mulkey resisted the line of inquiry when a reporter questioned the head coach on Monday regarding Reese’s absence from the lineup for the second consecutive game and whether she would be joining the team for the forthcoming Cayman Islands Classic.

A admirer expresses their support for Angel Reese.

“Had I known, I refused to tell you.” “That information is not yours,” she informed a reporter on Monday at a press conference.

“I will reiterate that Angel did not wear his uniform tonight.” Angel, who is a member of this basketball team, is anticipated to return in the near future.

Reese had gotten off to a strong start to the year statistically, averaging a double-double per night for LSU with 17 points and 10.3 rebounds.

Angel Reese has been a non-factor in both of LSU’s previous two contests.Pexels Images

However, her 22.3 minutes per game is a substantial decrease from the 33.6 minutes she logged during LSU’s national championship run last season.

One day after she shared an image of an LSU practice court on her Instagram Story on Sunday, she appeared to dispel the rumors regarding the reason for her absences.

Reese wrote on X, “Please do not believe everything you read.”

Kim Mulkey has not provided an explicit explanation as to why Ange Reese has been absent from the field for the past two games.Sports Today (USA) via Reuters Con

Reese also shared the sentiments of Colorado football coach Deion Sanders on Sunday.

Sanders stated, “Look at me,” in the video, which was captured during an August press conference in Colorado. “What would indicate to you that I am concerned with your opinion of me?

“Your perception of me differs significantly from my own self-perception.” You did not create me, therefore you have no right to harm me. You are unable to destroy me because you did not construct me.

“Because I was established by God, there is nothing that can be done to me.”

It is currently unknown whether No. 7 LSU forward Reese will compete in either Friday’s contest against Niagara or Saturday’s contest against Virginia.

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